At Midi we create your Inside closet with custom-made swinging doors, with countless combinations, handles, materials and finishes in structures and panels.

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57 White 57 White 67 Grey 100 White flax 102 Bleached oak 104 Noce 106 Rustic 107 Oxford 108 Soho 109 Grey leather 110 Beige leather 111 Aneto oak 113 Fabric 30 Black 114 Light grey 115 Clay


L08 White L08 White L09 Black L37 Beige L38 Graphite gray L54 Bone L55 Sand L56 Brown L69 Ivory L82 Grey Midi L90 Aluminium L31 Green pistachio L32 Yellow banana L36 Young grey L79 Red granadino 2008 Orange pumkin 3020 Red tomato 4003 Violet pink 5002 Acrylic blue 6018 Green giallo RAL color palette


Light Jazz Light Jazz Dark Jazz


X95 M. Oak X95 M. Oak X102 Walnut X103 Smoked oak


FU Fumé FU Fumé GL Glassé PB Parsol bronze TR Transparent Lacquered Glass PL Silver matte VBM Bronze matte VR Stopsol Textured flute Textured linen Textured listral Textured screen


M01 Fumé M01 Fumé M03 White M07 Transparent

1.Lacquered colors

80 White 80 White 71 Black Brun sablé Noir sablé Anodic brown Yuma sablé

2.Ral Palette

Ral 3005 Ral 3005 Ral 4004 Ral 3031 Ral 2010 Ral 1007 Ral 1005 Ral 1012 Ral 6025 Ral 6003 Ral 6020 Ral 5020 Ral 5009 Ral 5024 Ral 6034 Ral 9003 Ral 9002 Ral 7044 Ral 7039 Ral 7043 Ral 7022 Ral 8014 Ral 8000 RAL color palette

3.Anodized colors

35 Anodized silver 35 Anodized silver



Swinging doors with silver anodized aluminum frame, lacquered black, white or Ral color. Panel in self, veneer, lacquer, glass, jazz or methacrylate. We adapt to your measurements.

Inside swinging closet


  • 300
  • 550


  • 300
  • 2.700


  • 20
  • 20
  • Min.
  • Max.

Front panels Inside


Hanger bar

Trousers hanger

Shoes rack

LED lights

Tie rack

Chest of drawer

Edge handle

Horizontal Odyssey handle

Vertical Odyssey handle

Square handle

Finger handle

Over handle

Line handle

Inside handle

Puu handle